Introducing $KNOX (KnoxDAO Reserve) Token

KNOX tokens were airdropped in Celo Network at a 1:1 rate to existing KNX holders (those with more than 1 KNX in their wallets) and Ubeswap KNX-CELO LPs. The snapshot was taken on March 18 on both Celo and Ethereum Networks (Ethereum KNX holders receive KNOX tokens in Celo Network as well).

KnoxDAO Reserve & KNOX Book Value

Similar to Celo Reserve, KnoxDAO Reserve is holding KnoxDAO asset ($KNX) and non-KnoxDAO assets ($ETH, $CELR, $AGLD, $MVI) to expand kUSD supply and maintain its dollar peg, in-line with user demand. If our diversified portfolio of cryptoassets grow in coming years, KnoxDAO will be able to expand its kUSD supply to >$100,000.

KNOX book value = KnoxDAO Reserve holdings / KNOX circulating supply

KNOX token is a way for KnoxDAO members to redeem for KnoxDAO Reserve assets and vice versa. When KNOX token is trading below book value, there will be a weekly buyback on Symmetric DEX. You can track current KnoxDAO reserve holdings, kUSD outstanding supply, reserve ratio, and KNOX book value here:

Celo Stability Mechanism
KnoxDAO Stability Mechanism

What’s the Difference between KNX & KNOX tokens?

KNX token is the utility token of AI-powered products such as KnoxMarket and KnoxStream. However, 99% of KNX total supply (>900,000,000 KNX) are yet to enter the circulating supply. With a circulating supply of <1%, KNX tokens are not ideal to be paired with kUSD to give everyone the ability to get exposure to Knoxer NFT upside. Thus, KNOX token is here:

  • Fair launch, 100% community-driven
  • There will only ever be 9M KNOX tokens (7M circulating supply, 9M total supply)
  • No new KNOX tokens can be minted
  • kUSD liquidity mining on Symmetric

kUSD liquidity mining on Symmetric will start soon. A KNOX-kUSD liquidity pool has already been created on Symmetric: KNOX-kUSD LPs will receive 500 kUSD/week as liquidity mining rewards.

KNOX token will increase the demand for kUSD and hence Knoxer NFTs. Instead of directly converting kUSD to cUSD, Knoxers now have incentives to pair their newly generated kUSD to KNOX. This will increase the liquidity and demand for both kUSD and Knoxer NFTs.

Useful Links

KNOX contract address:

kUSD contract address:

Knoxer NFT contract address:

Website | Marketplace | Mirror | Discord | Telegram




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