ReFi Learn2Earn Summer will start next week! If you have no clue what is KnoxWorld, please read this previous Medium article to learn more about KnoxWorld ReFi L2E mission. KnoxWorld NFT minting is already live:

Liquidity Mining

Every week starting next week, KnoxWorld will only L2E and use words that are already listed on Why? Because this will guarantee utility and incentivize traders to mint KnoxWorld NFTs at low price (7 CELO) and list them on tofunft at high price (>7 CELO). Therefore, a deep liquidity is created for L2E participants to buy individual word to win the $400 weekly rewards.

In short, high utility begets high liquidity begets more minting begets higher utility begets more liquidity.

Useful Links

Where to mint:

Where to buy/sell KnoxWorld NFTs:

KnoxWorld NFT contract address: 0x96a47b237a4d684eC2b8BA6620061187C85875E0