Learn2Earn LydianKnoxer

Crypto Twitter has always be the powerhouse of crypto and Web3. Running Learn2Earn campaigns on Twitter has the potential to reach and educate millions of people. From now on, KnoxEdge DAO will run weekly Learn2Earn competitions on Twitter on top of KnoxMarket.

Below is the format of KnoxEdge weekly Learn2Earn competitions:

Place: Twitter

Duration: Weekly (Learn2Earn topic starts on Monday and ends on Sunday)

How to participate: Type a thread related to the Learn2Earn topic

Rewards: $50 $KNX each to top 10 participants with the highest likes + RT


Please use this exact format for your first tweet of the thread:

GM Celorians🔦, I'm participating in this week's @KnoxEdgeDAO #Learn2EarnwithKnox competition! Topic: "XXX?" 
Wallet: xxx.nom
Please like + RT this tweet so I can win $50 Learn2Earn rewards 📚💰
My thread👇